Sunday, December 20, 2009

I made 9 different Christmas cards this year. I wasn't 100% happy with each one so I kept on keeping on with it until I realized that I had 9 different designs...which made it difficult to send them because then I had to decide who was getting what card. So I wanted to share with you my 2 favorite cards of the 9 that I did. I will be back later with the others to share them too!

Happy Jolly Days is RELEASED!

Cathy K's great kit released today! It is such a Happy Jolly kit, I just can't stand it! I did a couple pages with it as well as a simple little recipe card for a cookie exchange for my daughter. We didn't make homemade cookies...rather brought boxed bars that we did make. (The kitchen is not a strong point of mine). Here is a preview of the kit. You can find it at her store at SBE or head over to her blog to grab her goodies she is releasing for the 12 days of Christmas. Also some of the other members of our CT have made some great frame clusters to throw your way, and best of all, their price can't be beat!!! FREE! The kit is 25% off now through midnight CST Monday.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm here I'm here!

I have some goodies in the works headed your way. I can't believe I have been so neglectful of my blog. I feel so bad. If my blog is neglected that means that my CT's have been neglected. What can I say? My family has taken top priority now that Christmas is in full swing. What I know is that after the turn of the year things always seem to mellow back out and I have nothing but time to sit up until midnight scrapping my heart out! OOOOO, which reminds me, winter break is almost here for my DD and that means sleeping in, which means, staying up to the wee hours of the morning, taking care of my oh so neglected photos! But let me be the first to tell you, my Christmas cards turned out SOOOOOOO cute! I did 9 different styles that I intend on converting into scrapbook pages eventually. But for now, my wonderful Creative team that I am on (Cathy you are wonderful for being so patient with me) is getting ready to release a new kit called Happy Jolly Days on the 20th! They just keep getting better and better. So if you just can't wait for the kit, run over to Cathys blog to grab her freebies she is giving away for her 12 days of Christmas! You can get your hands on a coordinating alpha, word tiles, gift tags, and kit add on. This kit is really something you don't want to miss. It is just sooooo cute! Maybe now is the time to come up with some New Years Resolutions? Awe why even try to not neglect my helpless little blog in the corner of the world? It is just inevitable right now. I promise though, I will be back with my christmas cards that are just sooooo cute!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Deck the Halls by Cathy Krenek

Let me first say that I can't believe the holidays are upon us. I am totally floored creating these Christmas pages, (of course using photos from last year) but, PEOPLE, they are already playing Christmas music in the stores!!! What happened to the year? Where did it go? That gives me an idea for a scrapbook. I really need to document important events each month. Maybe that can be my New Years Resolution. I could never do 365 photos. One every day. Could you imagine? I know some people do, but I am not that devoted yet. Although I do take a ton of photos. Okay enough ramblings. Let me get onto why I am really posting. It all ties together though I promise. So I mentioned how stinking awesome Cathy's kit are in my last post. Now you get to see one, and if I can get to the new Give thanks kit you are going to melt, it is so so so so cute!!! I have so many favorite photos from last year I need to get done, so I am sure you will see more of this kit, but until I can get to them, here is two I have had time to do, plus a preview of the kit. Check out her store, and keep your eyes peeled for some new upcoming goodies!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's Your BIRTHDAY! by Cathy K

I finally got to doing My Darling daughters 6th birthday photos! She has asked for a couple of years now to have a swimming party. I wanted to have a pajama party and maybe have a couple of friends come spend the night and my wonderful friend was going to do everything for me to make this party "Martha Stewart or Oprah worthy." She begged to differ and pleaded for a swimming party. It was the same way with Hannah Montana at the Childrens Museum for her 5th party...never again will we do a childrens museum birthday party. It is a fantastic place to visit, but I am the kind of person that wants a more personal friendly tight affair with close friends and family. Not kids running all over a museum where you can't even find the kids that are in your party. NOPE. Not doing it again. Write it off as a lesson learned. Leading me into the introduction of this fantastic kit by Cathy K designs called it It's Your Birthday. Her kits just keep getting better and better. Wait until you see her Christmas and Thanksgiving kits! They are sure to knock your socks off. I am working on one more layout for her Christmas kit and then I will post a double pager for you. Until then, take a lookie at what I came up with for this one. As always you can run over to her blog or her store at Scrapbook Elements to grab the kit or see what else she may or may not be up to!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fruits of the Spirit Collab kit

I am so bad about posting my LOs here lately. My designers that I create for have release dates. Which means that I can not post my LO's until the kit has released. So the date then comes and goes and I forget to post. I need to get better about it. Going back I want to make sure to get you over to Melissa Daniels store at Scrap dish to grab this beautiful collab she did with Royanna for Studio RA designs. There were several kits that went with this one collab. I have only worked with a couple so far, but do intend to work with each of them. I just have to find the right photos. Using Fruits of the spirit LOVE I made:

Ghost train LO's

The beginning of October, the Ghost train took off and was the biggest collab train I have laid my eyes on. I downloaded as much as I could before I got lost in all that I had on my hard drive. I decided it was time to get to it and use the goodies that I spent so much valuable time downloading unzipping and filing. Afterall, I can't collect and store, I gotta collect, use and then store! I think that part of my addiction to digital scrapping is probably collecting the products. As it was with my paper scrapbooking. I am pretty sure my husband will agree to that. So without further ado, here are a couple pages I did last night really quickly. I have tons of pictures to get done still from the kids in their costumes, so I am sure you will see more of this trains goodies before I am done.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wherefore art though Fall?

What a super cute title right!? However, here is Washington we are all aware exactly where the fall is. Melissa living in FL on the other hand was searching for the signs of the season change when their weather was still in the 90s for a while. The wonderful thing about living in Northern Washington is truly our 4 seasons we always experience. Our Winters are typically very mild, though last year we did have a ton of snow...much more than any of us west coasters are used to. Our spring is crisp, colorful and bright, while our Summers are warm but never too warm for an abnormally long time we can still get away with no AC but suffer through a couple really hot days. And of course our Fall. What a wonderful season to remind anyone what Washington is so known for. Our trees, we ARE afterall the Evergreen state. So when Fall comes, the leaves are all changing colors and falling to the ground. It is such a beautiful sight to see. The greens are all glowing reds, golds and browns. Nothing is more beautiful than to watch the progression of the seasons right out my kitchen window! With that said, here is a beautiful kit created by Melissa Daniel Designs in honor of her lack of fall...Check out her store over at Plain Digital Wrapper to pick it up for only $3.00. Or you can also run on over to her blog to see all her other fun happenings!
Here is a peak at the kit and my pages I created using it.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

1200 FREE photo prints at ARTSCOW!!!

No JOKE! Ok so I have found that not many of my friends have heard of this online photo printing site called ARTSCOW, and they have a phenomenal promotion going on right now that is unbelievable. I know there are no strings attached because when I signed up over one year ago, I received all the perks too. I am only going to provide one attachment link to the because if you go to it through my link you will receive 1200 free prints and I get 200 just for referring you. Just go to the site, sign up for an account (it is free to get an account) and we all benefit! You pay only shipping when you order your FREE prints! This is how I got my christmas cards last year! I made them digitally and ordered them through artscow! I have ordered their prints and they are great! So here is the LINK check them out and we all reap the rewards!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Heigh Ho The Dairy-O (Round two)hehe

Yup I played again! Of course I couldn't walk away with doing just a double page spread of Hudsons first birthday! I have another two I want to do so I feel like the important photos got documented but here are a couple more to toot Melissa's horn over at Plain Digital Wrapper! Go grab this kit! I know you have farm photos just sitting on your hard drive begging to be used! There is no reason you can't get'em done while the kit is fresh on the shelves! Go check out her store or her blog and you can see what we (her creative team)have done with this fab kit!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Heigh Ho The Dairy-O

This kit came at such perfect timing. I was waiting and waiting to scrapbook Hudsons first birthday photos, and then the wonderful and talented Melissa Daniels threw this one out of left field. I just about had a heart attack I was sooooo stinkin excited!!! I finally got to do a couple pages of his party thrown by the also very fabulous and talented Dawn (go check out her blogsite because she doesn't just throw ANY party) this party set the stage for some seriously high expectations for any future shindigs she will throw for my family! Because yes she is mine and if you are smart and or lucky you will grab her up too. Enough of Dawn, and back to Melissa's amazing kit she titled oh so perfectly Heigh Ho the Dairy-O. She has this at the Plain Digital Wrapper Store only so make sure you search her out there! I am doing two more pages which I have been waiting to post these ones and though I am almost done with them I wanted to get this one out of the way on my posting so I can forget about it.

Campfire Stories

I have to say who couldn't use this kit??? Everyone at some point of their summer spent time outside...I don't camp...not really...if it has walls, a roof and running water I can do it...of course it needs outlets for my laptop too. I don't do tents, and I have to shave everyday. I know, I know, but I have to. So one day I may actually do the REAL thing but until then I will be TOTALLY ok using our cozy little cottage we found on the coast of Washington. This summer we managed to make it there a couple times and took some friends and their kids with us the second time. We had the BEST time over labor day right before school started. So I managed to use this fab kit by Cathy K over at Scrapbook Elements. You can also mosy on over to her "CAMPSITE" hehe if you want to check out her blog and what all of us on her team have been up to. Of course it has EVERYTHING you could ask for that has to do with the outdoors...bugs, flashlights, wood, tents, and more bugs!haha It is such a cute kit. I was very inspired by the rest of the creative team and scraplifted a few of their pages thus creating several of my own to knock out some of my overflowing to do photos. So here is a very of the kit and my pages.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


What a way to kick off the fall with this fantastic festive halloween spooktacular kit sent to you by way of Cathy K designs called SPOOKFEST!!!! Did she or did she not just rock this kit!!! I have done up a cute LO that I used a photo from last year but when I take our photos this year I will be doing a couple more with this wonderful kit! It was very fun looking back over last years photos though and seeing how bitty Hudson was. Now he is a totally different always amazes me at how fast they grow...I know it but it just blows my mind away when I see it. So without further ado, you can find her kit in her store at SBE or go check out her blog for all her other goodies that I haven't had a chance to get to play with yet!
Here of course is a view and a layout that I did using the kit.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Not So Rogue Robots

I can't believe that I haven't gotten to this kit yet! The Wonderful Melissa Daniels created this cute kit called Not so Rogue Robots that reminded me so much of my son and I just couldn't pick which photos to use for it. Though it would have been perfect for robot photos, we just don't have any. My oldest has some robots, but of course we have no photos and I wasn't feeling very creative to go run with the camera so I worked with what I had. Thus giving you these pages!

Faiths 5th birthday

So I was feeling motivated because of the wonderful sale that inkubook was having several weeks back and I just had to finish some pages that were in dire need of finishing so I could get them printed and sent on their way! Voila! Here are a couple pages I completed using a oldy but goody called Swanky by Shel Belle Scraps. It was a huge kit but I did get it around 9 months ago. Anyhoo, it was a bright bold kit that I have managed to pull a TON of layouts from, and was just perfect for my daughter Faith's fifth birthday party we had at the Olympia Washington Hands on Childrens Museum. (this was my first ever location party)...though it was super easy I was certain I would not do another one until she requested her 6th birthday at the local pool. Hmmm maybe next year I will get to do the breakfast in your pajama party for her that my dear friend Dawn is salivating at the mouth to do. Go check out her blog Not Just a Mommy and get inspired by all her amazing creativity! Now here is a preview of the kit and the double page LO I did using her kit

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm a bad bad blogger!

Yup I said it I admitted it and that is the first step to fixing the problem...isn't it??? Well now that I have that done and said, I wanted to post the album I did for Faith. It is her first 5 years just one or two photos for each month of year one and each additional year after that. I made an album for her and of course ordered it through inkubook. I just got it in the mail yesterday and it is so stinkin cute! She loves it, I love it and I don't think it could be any better. The kit I used was called Talias baby love but you can't get it anymore because Erin at Scrappyweiss Designs retired so it is pointless to send you to her store because boooooohhoooooo, she isn't there anymore. But with that said it was a super kit, and very very fun to create this album for faith.