Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sleepy Snuggles

sigh, I am so exausted.  This single mom thing is hard business.  Awe thank you United States Navy for always remaining so reliable to rip my husband from us at the drop of a dime.  No I'm not bitter.  Proud of my husband, and grateful my kids have such a great dad, but tonight I am tired.  Last night I was tired, and the night before that, you guessed it...Yup tired.  I have a feeling that my exaustion is going nowhere anytime soon.  Next bit of business to discuss is this kit that oh so truly fits my mood right now.  It is called Sleepy Snuggles by Mad Genious Designs.  You can find the kit at Digi Scraps Drive In for $4.99 right now.  Run over and grab it, but if you are not convinced yet, take a peek at the kit, and a couple pages I made using it.