Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh my goodness...a whole lot of catching up

I have so many excuses, but I won't bore you. I can't believe that I haven't posted for so long. I have been working my hiney off getting pages done for my disney album...and we all know I have tons of pages. So I am just going to throw them all out there right now. I have the designers and the like if you are interested, but as I have so many, it would just be too difficult to go research and cut and pasted and link you to the stores. But if you want to know who and where to get it, just holler and I will send it your way.
Keep in mind I wasn't lieing when I said I have been busy since the 11th of July so there is a lot to get through, but I think you will like them all nonetheless.

This kit was by Cathy K called Splash

This one was a collab effort from tons of designers appreciative for their creative teams and they all made this great kit called my CT ROCKS

Lil Rocker is the American Idol page, and Laugh is another kit by Cathy K. They both worked well together for the colors!

Dinomania is also a Pixie Perfect Design kit. Her kits just keep getting better and better and I am so lucky to get to play with them! I am going to past 4 pages that I did using this kit!

Divalicious is a kit that Erin at Scrappyweiss did for another gal on the team. It was such a great palette to work with!

Next is an old one called Grossgrain girls. It was a collab by Color with Caryn, Mels lightbulb moments, and Scrappyweiss designs. Erin was floored when I showed her the pages that I did using her older kit!

next I used another older kit by Vickis work in progress blogsite! It was a freebie for the week several months back.

Next up are Minnie and Mickeys house! These were a mix of products between Scrappyweiss and some old blogsite freebies.

I used an old scrapsite daily freebie called Hollywood and vine off of Divine Digital from several months back. But these pages sure turned out cute! Are you wanting to go to Disney yet because these pages sure make me want to go back!

Little einsteins was a blog train called rocket. Or something along those lines. It was a train hosted by Digital Candy before they went out of business. But still a super cute kit that had tons of great designers on it!

And of course the block party bash...a collab mix of designers!

These Tinkerbelle pages I used a kit by Vickis work in progress. It was a weekly freebie but I am sure you can find it in her store still maybe unless she has retired it. I just love these two pages.

The next two pages were fun to do. Hudson got really sick inside this attraction at Epcot, it was a trip back in time remembering this horrid moment we had to go through with our poor little sick man at that time.

And finally who can forget about the chipmunks

Nope I am still not done with the disney album yet but I am hoping to finish it in the next couple of weeks.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fairy Godmother

Miss Holly over at Pixie Perfect Designs has done it again with this super cute kit that screemed, "Use your disney photos Rose!" So of course, I did! As if the name didn't say it all though right? Her store over at Enchanted Studio Scraps is down, in fact the whole site seems to be currently. So I am going to link you over to her blog.

Here is a preview of this super cute kit! If you have any little princess in your life, this is the perfect kit for you!

And my pages I did using this adorable kit:

Lil Rocker

Here is a freebie on Melissa Daniel's Blog. You can get to her store, her blog, twitter, and just about everything you need Melissa Daniel for through the link. The freebie is another rocker kit, but yet so very different and still so very cute from the last rocker kit that I did. Unfortunately I do not have a image of the kit, but you can still get to it from her blog. This was also a collab with her cousin Lacey over at Dark Phoenix Designs. Ok, I went and found a preview. Lets see if I can get it uploaded. I want you to get the full effect of the kit.

My pages:

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thursday, July 2, 2009

sweet cherry pie

Miss Holly over at Pixie Perfect Designs did it again! She made this yummy kit Sweet Cherry Pie that will for sure make your mouth water!!! Isn't it sooooo sweet! So if you just can't deal wait for my pages, head on over to ESS to her store where you can find it! I have felt a little stuck lately, and my second page, I just wasn't feeling. But it sure does have a couple cute kids on it right?!

And of course here are my pages with my darling babies!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Roses Summer Splash

Yup, thats right! You heard me! Rose's Summer Splash! Miss Erin over at Scrappweiss Designs named and designed a kit just for ME! You can find it in her store over at ESS. Take a sneeky peeky at the kit! I chose the color palette and gave her an idea for the theme and abracadabra here it is!

Here are my pages: Two totally different layouts but the same gorgeous kit! I love how versatile I was able to make it!