Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's Your birthday

One of my fab designers Cathy K (aka twoboyz00) that I ct for did this wonderful kit that was inspired by a beetles song...hmmmm which one could that be? You can find it through her blog or at digiscrapaddicts.

Isn't it so cute!??? I saw it and once again, knew what photos I had to use. Which was lucky for me, because I had yet to scrap them and I guess, there was a reason for it. A couple years have passed, but the memory of this party are so very clear. It was for sure, the best party I have ever been to. Can't you tell from the photos how much fun we had. I just die looking at our clothes! Amazing Dawn (check out her blog, it is as fab as she is too), kudos for throwing yet another AMAZING party! You are well, I would say my brotha from another motha but maybe I will say my sista from another mista!