Monday, May 11, 2009

We are back and I am soooo far behind

I wanted to post a quick minute before heading off to bed. I tried journaling our trip to disney and got 4 days into it, but on the fourth day, Hudson got sick, then I got sick and then Faith got sick and well, I guess, the sickness sort of bummed me out. We did have a great time, I can't wait to share some photos with you all. I will post a couple tonight until I can get some things made with them. Though I do plan to do old fashioned paper albums for my stereo tower too. I just love my cricut and paper, but I love that I have new pictures to work with too.

We did 3 days at Epcot or more like 2 1/2 since we made 1/2 day a sick day.

Faith LOVED the Soarin ride. It was surprising after all the tears we got even after dragging her onto the pooh bear ride at Magic Kingom. She just isn't adventurous, and has a hard time doing new things without knowing what to expect. But I am the exact same way. So bundle that into a 5 year old, well it made for a difficult trip to disney.
We also did 2 days at Magic Kingdom.

The rides and shows were nothing short of absolutely amazing. My fav was Mickeys Philharmagic. I even went back with Keith so he wouldn't miss it. Or it may have been the princesses, or the fairies, or the light parade, or or or was all so amazing.
Then we did one day at Universal and the Honey I shrunk the audience 3-D was soooooo awesome, Faith loved the High School Musical show in the streets, and the parade. We watched so many shows and had so much fun here too.

Then theres Animal Kingdom, and this was yet another successful day.

We did as much as we could and I don't know if we could have done anymore. Faith got her face painted (totally the highlight of the entire trip) and her hair wrapped. (that was supposed to last for 2 months, but lasted 2 days when it slid right off her hair!)
We spent 1 day at Sea World and OMG watched some of the most amazing dolphins and whales perform together with birds and wonderfully dressed cast members, it reminded me of an aquatic cirque de soilei. Which we watched at the Sea World San Diego several years ago.

I think the moment taken to the memory bank was Faith Feeding the dolphins
We ate at a few character meals one of my favs being the girls night that we did the bippity boppity boutique where Faith and her cousins were turned into royalty with the swing of a wand! She walked in as Faith and walked out as Princess Faith! Then we went to have Dinner with Cinderella, Prince Charming, The Evil Stepmother, and the stepsisters. It was a magical night for everyone!

So that is it in a nutshel minus our dinner with Chef Mickey and Breakfast with Pooh, and all the fun in between! We had so much fun! It was a magical trip and I can't wait to do it again one day, when the kids are older! Great times, Great photos! I am so blessed!