Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just wanted to share some more

So here is our kitty. We "rescued" her the end of January, and well, to be fair, have had quite the ordeals with her since. It all began very innocent with her vaccinations, and vet bills...not complaining, until Hudson got sick, the kitty scratched herself bloody, and then we were given pills and antibiotics to shove down her throat. I know, I know, poor kitty right, well that is what I thought and then she went into heat. Yes her spaying was scheduled, but we had to wait for the appointment due to her immunizations. Soooooo, she finishes with the first round, we drop her off to get spayed, and well, not so much. Long story short, she got a shot to stop the itching, and you can't operate for 6 weeks! Thanks for telling me this. Plus they won't board a cat in heat! I know cuz I tried. So now, we sit and wait another two weeks and pull our hair out with each yowl...she is cute as you can see, which is why we are dealing with the scratched door and horrible noises, and crude visuals...where's the love man, where's the love?
The kit came from
she is also in my favorite blogs I follow. The kit is called it's raining cats and dogs. It is a collab with Vickis work in progress. I did not use any of the doggie stuff though they were very very cute. Head over to her blog and check hers out.
That is it for now...nightynight!

I finished Daddy's shoes

I have sat at the computer trying to get these finished and wanted to post them before going to bed. I actually plan to go to all of my favorite sites and share them too...I love to get the feedback from people who view my pages. So here they are. I got this kit from a gal that apparently has just stepped into designing. It was a fun kit to work with. I found myself searching for ways to change the products to create something different with what I was given. Anyhow, here is a link to her blog.
For some reason her link isn't working but she is under my blogs I follow in the right column.
It is called Just for the boys. Enjoy the pages! Hudson is such a cute victim of my manic picture taking disorder!

Daddy's shoes

I am working on a page right now with Hudson and daddy's shoes. I am so excited to get it done. It sums Hudson up to the T. He love s to play with shoes (or to eat them). I think he may have been a dog in a past life....he chews on shoes and begs for food. Whaddaya think? I will post those pages tonight. Or at least one page.