Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wherefore art though Fall?

What a super cute title right!? However, here is Washington we are all aware exactly where the fall is. Melissa living in FL on the other hand was searching for the signs of the season change when their weather was still in the 90s for a while. The wonderful thing about living in Northern Washington is truly our 4 seasons we always experience. Our Winters are typically very mild, though last year we did have a ton of snow...much more than any of us west coasters are used to. Our spring is crisp, colorful and bright, while our Summers are warm but never too warm for an abnormally long time we can still get away with no AC but suffer through a couple really hot days. And of course our Fall. What a wonderful season to remind anyone what Washington is so known for. Our trees, we ARE afterall the Evergreen state. So when Fall comes, the leaves are all changing colors and falling to the ground. It is such a beautiful sight to see. The greens are all glowing reds, golds and browns. Nothing is more beautiful than to watch the progression of the seasons right out my kitchen window! With that said, here is a beautiful kit created by Melissa Daniel Designs in honor of her lack of fall...Check out her store over at Plain Digital Wrapper to pick it up for only $3.00. Or you can also run on over to her blog to see all her other fun happenings!
Here is a peak at the kit and my pages I created using it.

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