Monday, February 1, 2010

So what do you think?

I am learning, I am reading, I am coding!!!  Can you believe the change that my dear blog has undergone in the last week or so?  It has been a huge trial with a lot of holding my breath, but all in all, I have grown!  There is still a lot left to do, (change my sidebar titles) learn how to link photos to somewhere else on the web, center certain items in my sidebar, add some frames) but like I said, I am well on my way.  I like the way this looks a heck of a lot more than my plain jane black background.  This is so very much way more me!!!  I hope you like it too!  All of this work that I have done with the background and header of course I need to give credit to JJ Scrapping and her wind it up kit you can grab over at DDR!
Roll on over there and take a peaky!