Monday, October 5, 2009

Heigh Ho The Dairy-O

This kit came at such perfect timing. I was waiting and waiting to scrapbook Hudsons first birthday photos, and then the wonderful and talented Melissa Daniels threw this one out of left field. I just about had a heart attack I was sooooo stinkin excited!!! I finally got to do a couple pages of his party thrown by the also very fabulous and talented Dawn (go check out her blogsite because she doesn't just throw ANY party) this party set the stage for some seriously high expectations for any future shindigs she will throw for my family! Because yes she is mine and if you are smart and or lucky you will grab her up too. Enough of Dawn, and back to Melissa's amazing kit she titled oh so perfectly Heigh Ho the Dairy-O. She has this at the Plain Digital Wrapper Store only so make sure you search her out there! I am doing two more pages which I have been waiting to post these ones and though I am almost done with them I wanted to get this one out of the way on my posting so I can forget about it.

Campfire Stories

I have to say who couldn't use this kit??? Everyone at some point of their summer spent time outside...I don't camp...not really...if it has walls, a roof and running water I can do it...of course it needs outlets for my laptop too. I don't do tents, and I have to shave everyday. I know, I know, but I have to. So one day I may actually do the REAL thing but until then I will be TOTALLY ok using our cozy little cottage we found on the coast of Washington. This summer we managed to make it there a couple times and took some friends and their kids with us the second time. We had the BEST time over labor day right before school started. So I managed to use this fab kit by Cathy K over at Scrapbook Elements. You can also mosy on over to her "CAMPSITE" hehe if you want to check out her blog and what all of us on her team have been up to. Of course it has EVERYTHING you could ask for that has to do with the outdoors...bugs, flashlights, wood, tents, and more bugs!haha It is such a cute kit. I was very inspired by the rest of the creative team and scraplifted a few of their pages thus creating several of my own to knock out some of my overflowing to do photos. So here is a very of the kit and my pages.