Thursday, February 26, 2009

You are a true miracle

My sister sent me this photo today on my computer. I haven't gotten to see and squeeze my baby nephew like I want to for so many reasons I can't get into now. But I couldn't let the photo go unused on my hard drive. So here you go. The kit was a download a day from Divine Digital called Love Whispers. I finally had a chance to use it from last month! I am so glad I finally got the chance. I think it was perfect for this! He is a true miracle and we are so happy to welcome him to our CRAZY family! He was born Christmas day, what a gift right???!!!


So this is a rather silly post, but I am pretty excited about it. I follow several sites daily to download kits, parts of kits, respond to emails and postings on my layouts, etc...So when I visit them, (particularly 3scrapateers) you can see how many people have view your pages. I have one page (which is also my favorite page you can see in the right hand column) called "You light up our lives." It is two clicks away from being viewed 100 times!!! I haven't received but 3 comments on it, but hey, I am happy knowing that my page sparked interest enough for almost 100 people to open it. And maybe, just maybe, they learned to blend as I did when I saw a page done by Vicki. I am thrilled...I will let you know this evening, if it hit the 100 marker!