Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's Your BIRTHDAY! by Cathy K

I finally got to doing My Darling daughters 6th birthday photos! She has asked for a couple of years now to have a swimming party. I wanted to have a pajama party and maybe have a couple of friends come spend the night and my wonderful friend was going to do everything for me to make this party "Martha Stewart or Oprah worthy." She begged to differ and pleaded for a swimming party. It was the same way with Hannah Montana at the Childrens Museum for her 5th party...never again will we do a childrens museum birthday party. It is a fantastic place to visit, but I am the kind of person that wants a more personal friendly tight affair with close friends and family. Not kids running all over a museum where you can't even find the kids that are in your party. NOPE. Not doing it again. Write it off as a lesson learned. Leading me into the introduction of this fantastic kit by Cathy K designs called it It's Your Birthday. Her kits just keep getting better and better. Wait until you see her Christmas and Thanksgiving kits! They are sure to knock your socks off. I am working on one more layout for her Christmas kit and then I will post a double pager for you. Until then, take a lookie at what I came up with for this one. As always you can run over to her blog or her store at Scrapbook Elements to grab the kit or see what else she may or may not be up to!!!

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  1. So glad the swimming party worked out much better than the museum party. That would freak me out, too, if I coudln't keep track of all the kids. Fantastic layouts!