Monday, August 24, 2009

Sweet Dreams

This kit is sooooo super cute and screams scrap your baby photos! I couldn't pick which ones to use so I used as many as I could! My little baby boy is growing up and though it makes me so sad, putting his photos into books makes me a bit happier to see how much he has grown. So here is a link to Sweet Dreams by Pixie Perfect Deigns over at ESS.

Jenns watercolor garden

I am going to try to get back in my groove and do posts as my designers release their kits.

So this kit is the last of the design teams kits that Erin over at Scrappyweiss Designs has done for each of the members on her creative team. It was a nice walk down memory lane looking at each of these photos and remembering how 5 years ago my daughter loved to play with the broom and now 5 years later, my son loves the broom just as much as she did! So go check out her kit! You will be very pleased with the variety of color she has thrown into it and the artistic elements that she always ends up creating! I just love her kits! Go check out her kit at ESS.

Finished album

Yup that is right! I finished my disney album and I can breath and begin working on the kids again! Or summer 2009! Hmmmm where should I start?

I am going to throw the rest of my pages out here and if you see something you want to know the kit then just ask me,I have way to many to try to mention the designers all on. But never fear, I will for sure mention my designers that I am on their CT's!

Moving right along!

so these are not in any particular fact in my disney book I ordered through inkubook...I can't wait to see it...I organized each page by park. So some of these pages were done using kits by my designers. I am going to include links to their stores for you since like I said it would just be wayyyyyy to hard right now to go back and figure out who did what kit.

So starting with

Cathy Krenek you can find her kits at Scrapbook Elements

Melissa Daniel Designs :you can find her kit at Scrapable or Scrapdish

Scrappyweiss Designs : you can find her store over at ESS

And last but very much not least you can find:

Pixie Perfect Designs over at ESS too!