Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Dearest Baby BOY!!!

I had to post this before going to bed. Yes we did his birthday party already, but today was the actual big day! We had some tiramasu and icecream (yummy!) and he got his present from us! It was a very mellow night, but nevertheless, such a celebratory day! Happy 1st birthday my dear baby! We are so blessed! Here is a photo of him arriving in this world exactly one year ago, and fast forwarding a year....voila! Of course his proud big sister that is so anxious to help him learn it ALL!

Cold as Ice

Once again, I have no idea where I got this kit from. It appears from the file names that it was once possibly a blog train that I downloaded from several designers. I know that I downloaded it when I first began downloading before I knew that it was really important to give credit where credit is due. So, I will say that in my own defense. It is called cold as ice, and I am sure that it had to be a blog train from a now unremembered website. I had more pictures to use from our extreme amounts of snow that we got this winter, and I could not allow them to go unused on the hard drive...I just had to give them a home. I hope you enjoy them!