Friday, January 15, 2010


Several weeks back I asked one of my designers Melissa Daniel (I am on her Creative team), if she could create a cheerleader so I could design a thank you card for my daughter to make some cards with. She was so kind and became inspired to run with the idea. Well voila! I now present to you RAH RAH SIS BOOM BAH. I was so excited to sit and play with it to create a couple layouts, and then my family came down with another battle of the yuckies. I am feeling better, but my poor little man, isn't. I am taking him in to the dr today. He seems to have had a tough 20 months of battling everything from the common cold, to ear infections to the flu bugs to bronchitis. It is so hard having sickies in your house and when your little ones are knocked down by the bugs, even more difficult. He has gotten some rest which allowed me to finally get a couple pages done. I would love to share the kit with you. Run over to Scrapdish and pick it up for $5.50. And if you like what you see go check out her blog. She always has something great going on, I really enjoy reading it!