Friday, February 5, 2010


Selfishly as I was updating and reading back over some of my blog posts as I was admiring some of my old pages I thought about a couple things. I seem to mention all the trials and tribulations but never annouce the outcome. What? You may be thinking to yourself. Ok, so for instance, I mention my little man getting sick and needing to take him to the dr, but never come back to say well he was diagnosed with RSV, and though we did the breathing treatments for a couple weeks, he is fully recovered and back to normal. Also when I mention my fabulous daughter and all her hard work that she puts into practicing gymnastics and cheer and all the time that we have devoted to driving to and from various practices, well she has had her first competition and did I mention that? No. So this is another LATE resolution. I will be better at updating and revealing outcomes. Well now that I am aware of this, I am going to make an active effort to change that and for a true beginning to this, I was to post a couple photos from Faiths cheer competition last weekend. It was in Bellevue at the Meydenbauer center. The international ATC (all things cheer) competition. This being our first year to a competitive cheer team we really didn't know what to expect. Let me just say to make a very long story short, we had a CHEERTASTIC time! At one point of the two day competition, I found myself onstage (making a fool of myself) shaking my booty to the "shake what your mama gave you" dance off, and Keith found himself on stage shakin his thing to the "daddy don't do that" dance off. Unfortunately neither of us won the fondue set but we had a great time (althewhile totally humiliating ourselves!!!) Keith at some point became "Flag guy" sporting the new team flag whenever one of our teams went up to perform. That was awesome to see him out there supporting his little girl in all of her endeavors. He is such an awesome daddy! Friends we are not talking about a small personal sized flag. I am talking, large hangoutsideyourhouse size flag. So I am now mom to faith and wife to flag guy. Does it get any better than that? Yes my dear friends it does. Not only did she rock with her team out on the floor, she also placed 2nd in her division! How awesome is that!!! So here is a few photos that will eventually be scrapped but in the meantime, take a peaky at how much fun we had watching our little angel soar to new heights!!!