Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Playing with daddy

I totally had a laid back day today. Hudson has taken a couple long naps, Faith had school and gymnastics, so I have taken advantage of the quiet time and scrapped two of my favorite guys! I used the kit "My Guy" by Stacy Towers
Lets see if that works.lol
It was so much fun to do these pages. I just let things fall where they landed and kept going. Not too much thought to these pages. But I normally do things that way I guess. I don't normally think about the layouts. I let the chips land where they may.
Another exciting step. I have applied for a creative team. I am very excited, but really don't know what to expect. I should find out March 6 or thereafter. If it doesn't work out, this is just the beginning. I know I have said that before.
As I continue to post my pages, I love to see how many people have viewed my layouts on the different websites that I go to. Remember the one that I was so excited about a couple days ago? My favorite one of Hudson where I blended him...It is already up near 150 views! That is awesome! I just love that people are loving what I am doing! There is also one of Faith called Fillin mommys shoes that has topped 100 now too and climbing. I will post that below too. Yiippppeee. I so love this.
Thank you friend Stephanie for introducing me to this wonderful hobby!

I used a kit called Swanky by Shel Belle Scraps
It was a huge kit...I love it!!!

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