Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A beautiful rainbow

February 2 on the way home from the store, we saw our first rainbow of the year, and it was a beautiful one! Of course I had to photograph it. Since it was Hudsons nap time, Faith had to grab ahold of the moment and pose to her best! She is a wonderful model for me!lol. It was Dr Seuss's birthday, so she wore jammies to school(that is another story for another post). But long story short, she did not want to go out wearing her pajamas. This is why she has her jammies on in the photos though. You didn't even notice till I mentioned it though right! I used a kit called Fresh. It was a collab by stolen moments and digi-designs by Nicole
Let see if that link worked again. I am having a heck of time with linking websites today.

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