Thursday, May 6, 2010

The first week has past

I have had great intentions yet again of keeping friends and family all updated of Keith and how he is doing while he is away, however this week has over taken me with unexpected happenings that has totally allowed to time for me to sit and type. 

So lets begin at the beginning.  Sunday May 2 we said our goodbyes and Faith said the HARDEST goodbye she will ever have to say.  As she and I stood in the airport and watched her daddy disappear behind the walkway door we held each other.  She was crying and I was tearful hopeful and curious.  Curious to what the next year holds for all of us.  How much will they grow?  Will Hudson remember his daddy?  How Faith will change in 12 months.  How many teeth will she loose?  Will Hudson be potty trained when he gets home?  I had a wealth of questions that seemed to float around me.  Now that the hardest part was over...or was the hardest part yet to come.  I guess at that point that was the hardest point or so we thought...

Of course I had no idea what the upcoming week had to hold for me.  As with the beginning of anything there is always kinks to work out, papers to finalize, and tears to wipe away. 

Both Faith and Hudson said good bye to their daddy while they were super sick.  I ended up having to take Hudson into the Dr on Monday morning and they placed him on another inhaler.  I ended up finally coming down with the bug I have held onto trying to get sick as well. 

We have battled insurances not talking to me and dental insurance coverage.  I joke with my mom about writing a book about what the other books don't cover about deployment readiness.  There are all the check lists, but those checklists don't go into detail.  Granted with every deployment comes different needs and necesities, but for the most part, they are all the same.  Unbeknownst to us, dental coverage was not included in our military coverage and required a different enrollment process and payment.  So that was never taken care, but established at a very inconvenient time standing at the dentist office trying to be seen after a tooth broke the previous night!  Also tricare can never be easy because you are never dealing with just tricare.  You will always have problems with being in DEERS when your activation always begins.  Of course I had to discover that standing in line at the pharmacy trying to fill a prescription for Hudson and myself but was unable to....GRRRRRR.

I've lost my temper and I've probably not been the worlds best mom this week.  But what I do know is that I am not perfect and I am trying.  I am trying to provide what my kids need.  What is necessary for them to go on today...right here right now.  Hudson will not get into the car without asking for dada.  Hudson will not pull into the drive way with out asking for dada.  Faith always wants to call him and tell him everything still.  All makes me very happy that they both remember and talk about him, but are a constant reminder of that one thing that is actively missing in our lives.  Hudson loves to hug and kiss flat daddy and even hugged and kissed his hug a hero doll that we had printed with daddy's picture on it.  Faith loves me to spray his cologne on her hero doll, and she really loves to skype with him though we have only managed to do that one time so far.  I am hoping when our schedule calms down from so many activities this week, we might be able to see him a couple times on the computer next week.

I have leaned on my friends and asked for help.   They have babysat and been there for me to lean on and complain about that glass of water I dumped down the front of my shirt that I had put back in the cupboard full, and the chicken I burned on the grill and the squash I forgot about in the oven, and the pile of laundry I can't seem to get to, or the dishes that are piling in the sink.  They have said they would help me when I needed it.  They have been that rock that I have needed.  Thank you friends!!!!!

I am looking forward to a weekend with them all to help me celebrate my 30th birthday next week.  I am going to try to get a massage a week to pamper myself...I deserve it.  And for tonight, lets just hope I can kick this cold in the rear. 

Keith has been busy with processing through medical getting shots, filling out papers, standing in lines, going from  one part of the bast to another.  I haven't had a lot of time to talk to him.  He has managed to provide me with paper work and answers to questions that I have.  I am thankful for having him somewhat accessable to reach in the event that I need to have something done that I can't do.  There are a few problems that have arose that we are not able to deal with while he is away, but I can't talk about those here.  Fortunately we can wait to deal with them until he gets home. 

We appreciate all the prayers and support that we have recieved.  I will continue to update as we go! 

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  1. I'm so sorry this week has been so hard for you and your kids! I'm sure things will get better over time as you all settle into your new routines.