Friday, February 19, 2010

Flavor of the month Love Everyday

How awful is it that it took me half of the month to nail this one down...and I was using a template (that was included in the kit).  I guess it just goes to show how busy life got for me over the past couple weeks.  Ok, well I am not here to talk about that.  Let me not waiste anymore time and tell you about this kit that you can find over at Digi Scraps Drive In.  The pink ladies all pitch in together and create a fabulous kit to offer you every month.  Of course I had the wonderful opportunity to play around with it.  Special thing about this kit is it included a few templates that I chose to use as well.  So run over and grab it!  The colors are just gorgeous for boy or girl, cat or dog, rain or shine!  No matter what you have to scrap, I've seen so many different visions of this kit!  I know you will find a way to make it flow with your style for sure!   AGGGHHH I can't find a preview, so just believe me and go get it for only $6.00 right now.

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