Saturday, June 6, 2009


I seem to be so busy lately that I can't find the time to scrap. TBall is taking a lot of time, and gymnastics, and work, and cheerleading meetings. By the end of the night, it is a wonder my eyes aren't crossed and my fingers can still find their way around the keyboard. Anyhooo, I did two more pages by Cathy K. This Kit was so fun! I think that I could go back to it over and over and over with so many different pictures. I chose the kitty ones because I needed to use them but there were so many other ones I could have chosen. It is called Laugh and you can find it over at Scrapbook elements.
This is what it looks like and you are lieing if it doesn't make you smile. I just love the colors and the bright and boldness. It just makes your eyes pop and I didn't know where to start, because there was so many things I wanted to do.

And here is what I did with it:


  1. SUPER job, Rose! This is one of my all time favorite kits! I have been terribly busy, too, getting ready for Bible School and doing craft/ yard sales. Have a great summer!