Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1st Haircut

I can't believe it...Yes my little guy has had his first haircut already. Faith didn't get hers until well she must have been 4. I would have to look in the albums to see. Little Hudson man just turned one though!!! I was so tired of people saying..."look, she's looking at you!" Or, "She is so cute. Look at her eyes." Yes my son has beautiful eyes, but She is a HE! I will forever allow the parents of an unidentifiable gender to tell me what their childs name is, or at least just ask, "how old?" and wait for a response. My little guy is ALL BOY (except for when my husband placed the tiara on his head tonight and laughed for days...He vows to keep that photo until Hudson gets married. I coulda kicked him. Anyhow, these pages are the milestone we as parents just can't believe has already come around.
The kit was called Monkey Around by Pixie Perfect Designs.

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