Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My baby is almost 1!

A couple things come to mind tonight...First of all, my baby is almost 1! I just can't believe it...but we all say that don't we. I have sort of excepted that my baby girl is almost 6 but it does seem like yesterday that I was learning how to change a boys diaper. Crazy. My sister was visiting this past weekend, and she snapped this great photo of him. The other one was taken of Faith and her two cousins Hope and Tyra at my Grandmas memorial. Aren't they all just adorable?(Faith was names after them) And Oh yes, Princess came home today from the vet...she is on antibiotic and pain meds for a while. I think a bit angry with us, and I get that, I will give that to her, but she is definetly is sure nice

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