Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hit 100, life being 5, and the cat

Ok, so I have 3 more things I want to post before hitting my head to the bed. I finally hit 100 views on my favorite layout that I refered to a couple days back. I can link you to the site but unless you have an account, you may not be able to view it. It is actually at 101, kind of ironic because of my page I created today called gingerbread 101. So Yipppeee. I am so proud of myself.

Next on the list is about my brave little girl going through her first life experience. At 5 years old, she got in the car after a full day of kindergarten and says to me last week that someone didn't want to play with her. I brushed it off, only to have her talk about it each subsequent day for the rest of the week. Well, it has become a problem for her and this little girl is starting to be mean to her. I feel so bad, and want to protect her from getting hurt, but I am now using this opportunity to teach her about different kinds of friends. Plus I am getting a lesson in not being able to control her life either...(ie who she plays with on the playground). How can kindergarten already have bullies?

And the cat, well, I am going to save this posting for another day...It will be a long one.

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